Liquid Cloud Accounting


Liquid is an award-winning, UK-based market leader of online accounting software.  Our software is accredited by both the ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales) and the ICB (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers), and complies with the BASDA Cloud Vendor Charter (Business Application Software Developers Association).

Our jargon-free, user-friendly accounting system is designed to save your  time and money and make running  your business easier.

We’ve  designed our software with you, the businessperson, in mind (our Technical Director and the brains behind our software is Jon Wright FCA, and we have 2 other Chartered Accountants on our Board).


The Liquid platform helps you:

• Develop your business and run it more efficiently
• Offers you a hassle-free bookkeeping and compliance service and frees up the valuable time of your business advisor/financial director
•  Data can be imported into Liquid from Sage or a CSV file and can be exported at any time to Iris, CSV, Word or Excel.

Why Liquid Accounting Software?

Liquid Accounts is the cloud accounting market-leader because our online software:
1. Has the most functionality
2. Has the most secure login procedure
3. Is the most cost-effective
4. Is the most flexible
5. And is entirely based, developed, stored and supported in the UK
Liquid has previously won the Software Satisfaction Award for Best Web-Hosted Accounting Software, with the highest customer satisfaction rating in the whole competition and was runner-up for Best Small Business Accounting Software.



We started out creating bespoke software for large franchises and multi-nationals so our software has a range of functionality that’s unusual in an online package. This includes Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing, Payroll, Stock Control, Multi-Currency, Job costing, and Factoring.

You’ll find similar functionality in higher-end and more expensive traditional desk-top packages, but these require a certain investment of time and money in terms of testing and buying one, or having one built, and then installed. Once you’ve made that commitment, whether you like it or not, you’re stuck with it!

The difference with Liquid is that our scalable, modular design let’s you  choose how much or how little functionality you want and we only charge for the modules you use. And it’s instantly accessible without any capital outlay, set-up or install. You can try it for free and change your mind at any time if it‘s not for you.



We take our security very seriously and pride ourselves on the lengths we have gone to ensure your peace of mind.

Ours is the only online software to use a 5-part login, (rather than 2 or 3) and is the only software to comply with the BASDA Cloud Vendor Charter. This means that each company or practice has a company login (that everyone uses and that includes a randomly generate company code) and each user has an individual user login as well. The reason for this is that, as well as being more secure, it gives the administrator the ability to control user access and privileges. Ultimately, it also means that the administrator can lock everyone out and change the company login if necessary.

On top of this, we use SSL encryption as standard, and we have measures in place to stop people gaining access to your login details via your history – all designed to give you and your clients extra security and peace of mind.


Cost Effectiveness

With Liquid Accounts you get more for your money. On top of everything you’d expect from a business package, we include as standard:
• Unlimited users,
• Unlimited transactions
• Unlimited storage
• Dashboard
• Budgeting,
• VAT (optional)
• Factoring (optional),
• A library or HR and Employment documents and information (provided by our specialist partner Sentient)
• Integrated help centre
• Telephone, email and online support
• Foundation training
• Data import (and export)
• Automated upgrades, back-ups, secure hosting and maintenance

It's never out of date and grows with your business.



Because of the range of additional modules we offer (payroll, items, stock control, multi-currency, job costing, purchase order processing, sales order processing, and salesman) Liquid offers you the ability to instantly build a tailored high-end package for an affordable monthly fee. We also offer APIs and SOAPs so that you can integrate your software with your e-commerce system or other business software, giving you the sort of package that traditionally would have taken months and thousands of pounds to build and install.

With Liquid Accounts there’s no contract, no tie-in and you can change your package or subscription at any time.

We’re also unique in offering a choice of standard business/ accounting terminology or plain English (for those clients who want to understand what they’re doing but struggle with terminology), allowing you to work in the way you’re comfortable working.

Liquid also offers flexibility in the way you work – you can work from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection, and can have as many users as you like. This means that you can choose to outsource your  bookkeeping and accounting to your accountant without you necessarily having to visit them (or swap files and paperwork). Alternatively, you  can do the day-to-day bookkeeping yourself  and you can still give your accountant  access to your  accounts whenever you need in order to get advice, have  management accounts prepared, problems solved or for  tax and compliance work. This means that Liquid gives you and your accountant  the freedom to choose how and where you want to work.



All our software is developed by our own in-house development team in the UK (and overseen by Liquid founders and creators, Jon Wright and Matt Holmes). Our online software is supported by our own in-house support team. We even make sure that our technical team and support staff are based in the same office so that they can work together.

For your peace of mind, we also make sure that we only use UK-based data centres for our hosting and storage, as different countries will have different laws and regulations relating to data protection.

What Next?
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• See what other people say about us
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• Take a look at our Help Resource to see how easy Liquid is to use
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Why Use Our Professional Software?
• Access Anywhere
• Safety and Security
• Automation and Integration
• Jargon-Free
• Work Remotely
• Flexible
• Affordable
• No Install or Download
• No Hidden Extras
• Always Up to Date
• Always on the Latest Version