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@UK makes setting up a website and selling online simple. Whether you're just starting up or are a well established business, selling 1 product (or service) or 1000's, @UK provides cost effective solutions to sell online.

Our Site Generator's many features will enable you to set up a trading website today, update it 24/7 and upgrade it to a more advanced package whenever you like.

Our demo of the Editor as well as a demo of the @UK basket will both help you understand how easy setting up a trading website can be.

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  Maximum Items Annual Fee  
SG Alpha e 1 £48
SG 50 e 50 £120
SG 100 e 100 £240
SG 200 e 200 £360
SG 2000 e 2000 £480
SG No Limits e Unlimited £960

Edit site content 24/7

  • Create and maintain your site online
  • No software installation required
  • Edit your site 24-7

Hosted website

  • The pages of the @UK site are hosted at no additional charge

Choice of design template

  • Choose from a range of different templates to give your website a professional look

Email and phone support (office hours)

  • We provide unlimited email and phone support during normal office hours, and aim to respond to all emails within 20 minutes during those hours.

Listing in the @UK PLC online directory

  • You have the option to appear in the online directory of products and services, which form the basis of a range of portals visited every day by hundreds of potential customers.

Secure shopping basket and checkout

@UK PLC® is committed to secure shopping facilities, and reducing the possibility of fraud. When the customer reaches the checkout, they enter a secure area. This means that card details and other information transmitted from their computer to our servers is encrypted using 128bit encryption, which is widely regarded as 'uncrackable'.

The card information is passed securely to the appropriate payment service provider, where the transaction is verified and accepted or rejected.

Choose delivery by price/weight/volume

If you want to, you can assign different delivery costs to your products e.g. price/ weight / volume.

Apply promotions (discounts, buy x get y free...)

Allows you to set-up the following automatic promotions for your site: 1) Buy one item, get another of the same item free. 2) Percentage discount 3) Monetary discount.

View sales reports and visitor stats

Track the sales of your products, check your stock levels, find out how many visitors you're getting and how they are getting to you.

Create extra site content pages

As standard you can add a homepage, contact page, product page(s), but if you wish to expand your site you can also add some information pages such as 'About Us' and build those into your site menu.

Max page item (s)

A product item is an actual item that can be purchased. It has a price, part number and a 'buy now' button. Usually you would list items on a page if there are variations in price or different part numbers under one product or service.

28" Wide Screen TV, Part No. PM123A, Price: £224.00
28" Wide Screen TV with built in freeview, Part No. PM123B, Price: £299.00
If you also have colour options where there is no price variation
e.g. Black or Silver - you can use another feature called 'applying attributes'.

Multi-Level Pricing

Advance option on SiteGenerator Professional only which allow suppliers to upload multiple pricelists on their website, where specific pricelist is assigned to specific buyer.

Buyers will need to login in order to view the prices assigned to them.

Receive orders electronically

Payment by credit card

  • Enable your customers to purchase your products and services by credit card (this requires you having a third party 'payment service provider')

Payment on account

  • This enables customers to purchase from you on account (they will need to apply first, or you will need to set them up with accounts).

Payment by cheque

  • Give your customers to purchase by cheque without having to enter credit-card details for validation.